floramel (floramel) wrote,

I need a new job

Hello world, flora here

Last night at work I learned we're getting new uniforms. The manager told us how she's been getting complaints that the jackets we wear over the grey shirts are too hot most of the time. I agree with her that they are. The new uniforms, however, are grey button shirts which we get the privilage to pay for, of course. Not to mention I've been wearing the wrong kind of pants. Top that off with the special no slip resturant shoes I had to buy because the old ones barely lasted six months and that's more money on clothes I've spent for work then I did for my wedding dress. I was pissed but when I told my husband this he was livid. He even said I should threaten to quit unless the company paid for their own feldercard uniforms until I reminded him that my job not only helps with expenses while he's in school but also provides insurance. And while we, as resonably healthy people can live without medical insurance, it's not easy. But it's also the fact that I don't want to be the martyer. I don't just want to not lose my job I hate confrontation. Heck I hate drawing too much attention to myself. I'd rather just blend into the background and do my own thing. Well, maybe when husband is out of school we can save up our money and go into business for ourselves someday.
Tags: work sucks

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