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posting a half entry

Hello world, flora here,
Where should I begin? I was off on Friday. It was a nice relaxing sort of day, even though poor husband had a headache through most of it. Since I was scheduled to work a day shift the next day, a shift that begins at 6:30 in the morning, I planned the evening carefully. Dinner at 6, two hours to relax, shower at 8 and in bed reading at nine until I fall asleep. Until, eight actually came and husband goes into the bathroom and starts freaking out. You see his right eye spontaneously drifts off to the left. He starts panicking, I try to calm him down. He asks if I think he should go to the ER. I say I don't know, he calls his dad. His dad strongly suggests, given the family history of strokes that he go. So we pack up a few books and go. We entered at nine-thirty on a Friday night. They are packed. People in sweats looking slightly green. One woman is wheeled in a chair and, when told to wait immedietly lies down near the back. We're taken in the back where H is weighted and asked a few questions. The CNA smiles at me, asks if i worked today. Oh yeah, I remember I work here. The hospital seems like a different place when I'm with a patient or am one. His condition is either deems not an immediate emergency or if it ever was it's too late to do anything about it so we're told it'll be a few hours. So we wait. One of the pastors comes by, asks how we're doing. We have a pleasent if slightly awkward conversation. We continue to wait as the entire ER waiting room clears out. We finally get a room. It's now midnight and I start thinking about tomorrow's shift. Well, if we make it out my three I could grab a few hours of sleep, shower eat and then make it back. I go back to Wicked, the novel I'm reading. Someone comes by to check him in.

I was writing this a week ago when i was interrupted, I don't remember why and I just never finished the entry. I'm posting it now because it seems like a waste of time energy if I don't. The concluesion is that H is fine. The cat-scan ruled out any sort of stroke or anurysm. His recent eye-doctor appointment concluded that it's neurlogical in origin which means he's probably developing migraines from all the stress we're under. Oh and Wicked, at least as a novel is overrated in my opinion.

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