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I'm in a bad mood. Yesterday at work, people were cranky over not getting their food in a timly manner. Most people were fairly polite and called down like I told them since really, I don't have anything to do with the ordering process. One girl/woman (not sure of her age she looked young but she was roomed with the adults) told me she already called down and asked if I'd call down again. In all honesty there isn't much I can do in the situation, the most I can do is either contact her nurse and ask the nurse to talk to my supervisor or contact my supervisor directly, explain what's going on and let him/her take it from there. But when I tried to explain this she goes "why? because that's not your job?" And thank the gods my co-worker walked in with the tray, because I don't know what I would have done. I was livid. And even when I left she says "Thanks flora you really went above and beyond the call of duty." Urrgghh!!! H's school can't get him a placement for practium until winter semester so that's yet another 3 months of school and gosh only knows how much in student loans. And when I looked at the schedule for today it turns out I'm training the new people today. Which I hate hate hate doing. I'm not very social, I sort of like just being left alone to do my job and now i'm going to be spending the better part of the week with a newbie following me around, me explaining everything I do and feeling awkward if I even go to the bathroom. And to top it all off the ending for the first season of Starter Wife was disapointing. It started out well but in the end Debra Messing's character decides she shouldn't be in a relationship until she "rediscovers herself" all well and good right? Well they skip over all the time she spends doing that to her birthday which i assume is a six months later and she's ready again! We don't get to see any of that rediscovery time oh no that's not interesting enough! Oh no, no one is intrested in watching a show about a smart attractive woman being independent. No let's skip over all that so we can watch the romantic bits. Oh an the friend who is was pissed about her husband having a brief fling with the nanny? She can't bring herself to cheat on him but the image that replaces the one that haunts her of him boffing the nanny is of course her finelly being pregnant with his kid. Awww how sweet. Another message that good girls don't sleep around.

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