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I want to cry

Hello world, flora here,

I really want to cry.
H's school is the most incompetent, bureaucatic, pathetic instituation to call itself a University I've ever seen. Seriously. If you manage to stay on the nice neat little path they set aside for you, you'll be fine but if one thing goes wrong, you're in for a world of hurt. Not only are they forcing him to retake his practium 2 in the winter semester by scheduling all the instructors so that, even if he did find his own placement there would be no one to supervise but they're placing him in a school that's so formal all the students wear ties. Which, is not good for H because he's a very casual person. I'm so pissed off. I'd love to walk right over to the head of the department and demand she place him now, in a halfway decent place or threaten to sue but obviously I have no money, time or power to do so. To top it all off, H has been flip floping on going to this gaming convention. When he decided not to go, I didn't take the days off of work, but now he wants to go, but I can't go with him and he doesn't want to go alone so he's inadvertently making me feel guilty about saying no. And it happens to fall on my birthday. My 30th birthday. The birthday that I'd both dreading and silently wishing I had big plans for. The birthday that HE DOESN'T UNDERSTAND WHY I WOULDN'T WANT TO BE ALONE ON!!!!! Only now, knowing him he's going to be whiny and pouty, and all "I don't understand why you couldn't beg off of work and just go anyways even though I know you wouldn't really enjoy it anyways. It's not like I'm expecting cards, or a cake or even a stupid gift. (can't really afford any of that anyways even thought it might be nice) But oh I don't know, lunch and a movie would be nice. Or maybe a trip tot he mall to pick up something. Oh and don't forget someone made a scheduling error in our monthly gaming schedule so that It's now scheduled for the week before the day I requested off. Nice. I guess it's screw with Floramel day, week, month, year.

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