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Feeling left out

Hello world, flora here.

I hate that my first post is going to be such a negative one. But I'm kinda feeling upset and sad and kind of stupid for feeling upset over something that's kinda dumb. But here goes. Some friends of mine, people who I thought were really really good friends, started a weekly role playing game And didn't invite me or my husband. And I'd like to know why. I've wanted to know why for about a year or so when they actually started this X-day nightly rpg session. They know we enjoy gaming with them. We've done so for years with little to no conflict. We havn't had any fights that I know of, or secret resentments. Or course if we did, would I know? At first I thought that they just wanted to keep the game small and since they're all local and we're not, I figured it would be ok but I recently learned that they just invited two more people making it seven not five and again I wasn't even asked! If that's not bad enough, they talk about their game casually when we do get together rubbing salt in the wound even more. So what do I do? Ask them? I'm too shy and it seems really rude to me to just say, "Hey, Bob, how come no one asked me to be in the X day game?"
On the other hand a bit of awkwardness would be better then a lifetime of resentment. Sometimes I wish I could be a jerk. I wish I had the guts to tell them it sounds like a dumb game, or make up stories about how I have tons of friends out here and we're doing really really awesome stuff, too bad you can't be apart of it. Or make anonymous comments in their own blogs just to make me feel better. But I probably won't. Hell, I wish I could say I hope their game ends in a petty fight or brakes up completely but I also hope it doesn't. They're my friends and I want them to have fun. I just wish they had invited me.