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a few observations

Hello world, Flora here

Last night I listened the the presidential debates on NPR (my husband is turning me into an NPR nerd!) I'm not going to talk politics here. I think there are way too many blogs doing that already and far better then I could. I will make a few observations thought. I only got to hear the second half and a few highlights from CNN, thanks to work going over as usual. However, McCain seemed to answer every question by bringing up something from the past, usually it only had a vague reference to the question at hand. Obama came across as pushy, almost but not quite rude when he followed his answers with "when I'm president." I'm curious to see the vice presidential debates in October, considering that I'm not sure how I feel about either one.

Tomorrow I'm off. I plan to spend the day with H. We'll probably take a nice walk around town, go to the library. (I love libraries!) Maybe play a few board games. Today, I plan on taking a brief break from my comic and try more serious art with my Wacom tablet. Maybe I'll post the results. Heck if I really like it I'll make a deviant art account.